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Mission Statement


Prided on professionalism, creativity, and passion Lynn Elegant Events will make sure our client’s priorities are met in planning their event. Making their most important day stress free, memorable, and the happiest day of their life is the primary focus at Lynn Elegant Events.

With a passion for style, presentation and creativity, Linett M. Bell is the Founder and CEO of Lynn Elegant Events, an event and wedding planning company based in New York City.  A vibrant and spirited personality, Linett prides herself on her ability to design elegant events with imagination, vision and attention to detail.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Linett, even at a young age, had a knack for being the life of the party and entertaining others. Her mother pushed her to dream big and encouraged her to pursue her creative and artistic talents.  While attending Fashion Industries High School, she nurtured her vision in fashion and visual design, where she learned the importance of detail. It was there that Linett began hosting and planning birthday events for her friends as well the school’s annual fashion show. After graduating high school, Linett went on to attend the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. Throughout college, Linett continued to successfully plan and execute events on campus as well as for her college peers.


Following her college graduation, Linett expanded her career in the fashion and retail industry, accepting a top managerial position at Osh Kosh B’gosh and opening their first flagship store in the North shore area of Boston, MA.


In 1997, she moved back to the New York City area and was offered an opportunity to work at Macy’s Herald Square where she went on to hold various leadership positions. She was responsible for planning and executing several in-store and private events for the company.


Exploring other opportunities for career advancement in the fashion and retail world, Linett held top managerial positions at Nike and later Brooks Brothers, where she’s been responsible for visual direction, merchandising and overall leadership and development.


Realizing that her true calling was event planning and design, Linett decided to pursue her dream and launched her own business, Lynn Elegant Events. Through word of mouth, Linett has quickly become a sought-after wedding and event planner, producing some spectacular weddings and transforming ordinary events into creative experiences. In recent years, Linett has shared her expertise in wedding and event planning through teaching the Continuing Education Program Event/Wedding planning course at York College.


In her free time, Linett loves to travel and experience other cultures around the world for inspiration.  She volunteers for several charitable organizations that benefit youth, education and health & wellness. Linett is the Program Chair of the New York Young and Powerful Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to civic engagement, training future leaders and empowering young professionals in New York City.


Linett Bell resides in New York City.


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